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The year was 2008 and I knew I needed a two week holiday but then I was worried; what would I do? You see, I’m not somebody who enjoys sunbathing, lying on the beach isn’t my thing and sightseeing on your own is no fun so I got thinking. It suddenly came to me…I would learn to scuba dive.It’s not as far fetched an idea as it first appears. I’ve always loved swimming, could while away hours snorkelling on family holidays as a child. It seemed the ideal way to learn a new hobby and get to see the underwater world non-divers never experience. Decision made I looked in to which countries are known for good diving and good standards of teaching. Sharm el Sheikh it was.That first trip holds fond memories for me. Although it seemed a daunting prospect learning the science behind the sport I persevered and it certainly paid off. I was fortunate enough to see a Manta ray on that first diving holiday, an experience which not only brought tears to my eyes but has remained with me over the years during many return trips to Egypt.

In 2015 I decided that scuba diving on holiday wasn’t really enough for me. I wanted more! I looked in to local clubs and met the guys and gals of Mansfield and District Scuba Diving Club. They were a really friendly, welcoming bunch and I joined their club there and then. I was sold on the clubs philosophy of developing individuals within the club structure, friendly social events and regular diving trips. I am looking forward to adding to my diving skills with the club. Having done a few pool sessions in my dry suit, my first UK dive is looming and I can’t wait. I’m sure it will be the first of many…a club trip up to the Farne Islands is already planned for the summer which will be great fun.

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