Club Training Early 2018

It’s been a busy few months at the ScubaMAD with both in-house training and running SAA Regional courses. Congratulations to Josh Walker and Michael Scott for passing their Elementary Diver certificate in early January in a very chilly but, reasonably clear Eight Acre Lake. The remaining weekends of the month were occupied with running an O2/EDFA and Club Instructor course. Many thanks to Chris Kean and Gary Lampon for their involvement in instructing and assessing and several ScubaMAD club members for assisting with the Club Instructor practical.

A lot of progress has been made with the intensive theory for the several Elementary and Open Water Diver trainees in the Club, and many thanks go to Charlie Beardow for his contribution to this. In addition, there has been continued development of three club members aiming towards their Club Diver certificate. Mel Haskell and Neil Parsons, following an extended break from training, have both taken the plunge again. Mel has been prepared to try out a dry-suit in the pool and is almost ready to start on the required exercises in open water. Neil is on the verge of completion of his Club Diver qualification after venturing into Eight Acre as if he’d not missed a beat. Well done to Claire Mortimer for braving a chilly and murky Stoney Cove to achieve her last few remaining Club Diver exercises and for coping unfazed with an unexpected free-flow of her AAS, and for re-trying at Eight Acre to tackle the pesky SMB exercises that eluded completion at Stoney. One more dive will do it – the next in her much more favoured tropical blue water of St Kitts!

The snows in March put paid to plans for the Open Water Instructor course, and adjustments had to be made. The theory session was completed a week later than planned and hopefully the three candidates from Mercia and Filey Brigg will be successful at the open water assessment this coming weekend. Thanks again to Chris Kean, Gary Lampon and Dennis Tammadge for their Instructor involvement and ScubaMad members who have volunteered to act as the candidate’s “students”

Congratulations to Mel Haskell, Neil Parsons and IKSAC’s Anthony Clarke for their success in the Club Nitrox course run at the end of March.

Winnie Tang made her second attempt to complete her first Elementary Dive this weekend at a slightly warmer Eight Acre, (now at 7OC). The previous weekend she had been unsuccessful due to a leaking drysuit. Because a planned Rescue Diver practice session was postponed, we had the luxury of having someone available to capture some photographs and video of the experience. It’s a shame the visibility was so poor – the weekend before it was at some 8-10 metres. It was nice to meet up with some members of IKSAC and Atlantis there too.

Hopefully we can arrange another trip soon for Winnie and Stacy Bonser to complete the mask and DV clearances needed to attain their Elementary Diver certificate. Josh, when recovered from his recent surgery, in another few weeks will be able to continue with his Open Water Diver dives in preparation for his trip to Borneo. Also, it won’t be long before we have four or five more trainees to a level to prepare for their first open water dives…. It looks like it’s going to continue to be be busy for the rest of the year!!