Heath Winkley Bio

When I was a kid I always wanted to Scuba drive, but never thought I would do it as I live in the centre of the UK (Sheffield), till one of my work colleagues who is an avid diver took me along to a try dive session in Mansfield swimming pool then back to the club house.

Since then I’ve never looked back, I’ve been with the club now for over 3 Years and progressed my Scuba skills to a point of now teaching Scuba in the club itself. You have to say I’m HOOKED….

The Clubs is a fantastic social meeting place, where we not only train the skills we also have many BBQs, Parties, Social Evenings (The fully licenced bar) lol

Since been with NNN Now called Scuba MAD we have been on many outings and Holidays as a club including Nemo33 (34meter pool in Brussels), Sharm el Shake (Boat diving, a stunning whole new world), Bonaire last year (Drive a truck – park and Dive the freedom)
I’m now looking forward to the new Sharm Holiday in June – Farne Islands diving with seals later in the year – Hopefully the Maldives and Great Barrier Reef someday soon.

Come on give us a go, you never know you may be hooked like me and never look back!

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Mansfield & District Scuba Diving Club. SAA 942 Est. 1973