History of Mansfield and District Scuba Diving Club

The name ‘Mansfield and District Scuba Diving Club’ or ‘Scuba MAD’ was adopted by North Notts Nautilus SCUBA club in January 2015

 History of North Notts Nautilus

North Notts Nautilus (NNN) SCUBA club was founded by Mr. A. Lambert in Feb 1973. He and 4 other divers broke away from Mansfied & District Underwater Swimming Club to go it alone. NNN was immediately registered as Club No 586 with the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and the club Logo was designed as a shield with the divers OK signal at its heart. Beneath this was written the club motto in Latin, ABSIT INVIDIA which means “Let there be no ill will”. The club purchased an inflatable dive boat with a 50 hp engine.

Baths sessions were held on a Thursday evening at The Joseph Whittaker School in Rainworth and this was followed by lectures in a small Café upstairs. Friday night was also baths training at Sutton in Ashfield Swimming Baths followed by alcoholic refreshments at the local “Staff of Life”.

The next milestone came on Feb1976 when the CHAD sponsored us to visit Loch Ness to search for Nessi. Twenty four divers including two women, gathered outside the CHAD offices to be formally sent off by Mansfield Councillor Mr L. Wright and his Lady. A three page spread was centered on this expedition and CHAD made a film of the whole event which has been transferred to video. This film has been shown in many countries around the world as an example of how news can be made interesting on a very small budget. I can only say, My God it was cold. If Nessi exists she must wear so many clothes that perhaps that’s why nobody sees her.

In mid 1999 , NNN changed its loyalty from BSAC. and became Branch No 942 of the Sub Aqua Association (SAA) and we enjoy our partnership with this excellent organisation to date.

Why not join us and learn all about the sport of SCUBA diving. 

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Mansfield & District Scuba Diving Club. SAA 942 Est. 1973