SAA Club Instructor Training

Congratulations to Elliott Kean on passing his SAA Club Instructor qualification today at the ScubaMAD clubhouse and Ashfield Leisure Centre pool. Elliott is one of our keen, Kean family, divers. Under the instruction and guidance of ScubaMAD’s Training Officer, Chris Kean (Dad), Elliott has progressed from joining the club as a diver trainee in 2011, to building up his experience in British quarries and seas and tropical waters of the Red Sea and Caribbean, developed to taking on more responsibilities as Dive Leader in 2014, to now starting on a path of teaching and assessing new divers in diving theory and diving skills in the safe confines of a swimming pool.

Elliott is (im)proving to be a strong asset to ScubaMAD. With his enthusiasm to increase his diving skills, he is in the process of training as SAA Rescue Diver and intends to progress to train and qualify as an SAA Open Water Instructor. With Elliott’s mature attitude and calm and patient manner, I’m certain he will become an excellent diving tutor and assessor. He will very likely attract more, younger prospective divers to the Club and will help maintain the philosophy of ScubaMad …to provide a safe introduction to diving in the company of like-minded people who give up their time to ensure the best possible training, with an emphasis on safety, in a friendly, sociable atmosphere.

Good luck Elliott, with your forthcoming Rescue Diver assessment and future diving skills training and development.

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